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Wellness, Naturally

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About Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a unique form of primary health care that blends current scientific evidence with the art of traditional medicines. It is based on providing individualized care for specific patient needs with an emphasis on prevention, treatment and optimizing health. A Naturopathic Doctor focuses on naturally occurring substances, minimally invasive methods, and the promotion of natural healing to address health concerns. In order to achieve sustainability of health goals, a Naturopathic Doctor’s approach is rooted in attempting to understand and address the origin of disease.

Naturopathic assessments, diagnoses and treatments draw from a number of modalities (therapies) and are tailored to the individual. Treatments are always tailored to the individual and may include Acupuncture and Asian Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Botanical (plant-based) Medicine, physical treatments, and lifestyle counselling

Naturopathic Treatments

Clinical Nutrition


Clinical Nutrition is the foundation of most Naturopathic treatment plans. Proper nutrition is important for providing the body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. Many health concerns can be related to inadequate or excess nutrient intake, food sensitivities and increased nutrient demands. I will assess and enhance your nutritional status through specific dietary recommendations, encouraging a balanced diet and targeted nutritional supplementation. 

Acupuncture and Asian Medicine


In a healthy individual, the body’s vital energy, Qi (pronounced chi), flows smoothly throughout the body’s meridians (organ-system channels). In a state of disease, there is an imbalance in one or more meridians, which affects the flow and balance of Qi, leading to various ailments. I insert thin, sterile acupuncture needles at particular points on the body according to your individual concerns to restore balance and promote healing.

Botanical Medicine


Botanical medicine involves the use of medicinal plants to treat a wide variety of health concerns. Botanical preparations may be available as teas, tinctures (alcohol extracts of the active components of the plant), or as capsules/tablets. Botanical teas and tinctures may be customizable to your individual concerns. I will always assess for potential interactions between the botanical and any medications that you may be taking to ensure safety and efficacy of the treatment.

Lifestyle counseling


​​Lifestyle counseling is another cornerstone of most Naturopathic treatment plans. A balanced lifestyle is essential for disease management and prevention. I will explore all of the factors in your life that may be impacting your mental, emotional and physical well-being and make recommendations regarding stress management, exercise and physical activity, self-care, sleep patterns, social support and work-life balance.

Physical Medicine


Physical medicine involves the assessment and treatment of disorders of the muscles, joints and nerves. In office, treatments may involve the use of manual therapies such as cupping, trigger point release, acupuncture and various assisted stretching techniques. It also often involves functional rehabilitation through targeted stretching and exercise programs that you maintain at home.