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Wellness, Naturally

Wellness, Naturally

Wellness, NaturallyWellness, NaturallyWellness, Naturally

What to Expect at Your Visit

Initial Visit (75-90 minutes)

At your first visit, I will take a thorough history of your concerns as well as inquire about other factors in your life that may be impacting your health such as your nutritional status, physical activity levels, sleep patterns, lifestyle, and stressors. I typically perform baseline physical exams such as blood pressure and when indicated, I will perform other examinations or ask to obtain some laboratory assessments as related to your concerns. We will discuss your health goals, in order of importance to you. I may initiate basic treatment, but often reserve a comprehensive plan to the second visit, so that I can ensure a targeted and safe approach for your individual needs. It is helpful to bring an updated list of medications, supplements, over the counter medicines and recent blood test results to this visit. For more on my approach to care, click here.

Second Visit (45-60 minutes)

Typically scheduled within 1-2 weeks of your first visit, I will present your comprehensive treatment plan, discussing the benefits, possible risks and alternatives to care for each treatment option. I reserve plenty of time for us to have an interactive conversation about the plan to optimize your chance of success in attaining your health goals. I will ensure that each treatment is safe to administer with any other medications or supplements that you are already taking. This is also when we will discuss long-term management of your concerns including frequency of future visits.

Subsequent visits

Further appointments are scheduled according to your individual health concerns and established treatment plan. These visits range from 30-60 minutes with the frequency and duration depending on your needs.